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Let’s explore the most effective methods to relieve throat pain without using medications.



Significant throat pain can be soothed by proper hydration with frozen or warm fluids. It is better to avoid room temperature or lightly refrigerated liquids. 

One of the most accessible items to treat throat pain is ice. Ingesting ice helps to numb the aching tissues, decrease swelling, and keep the affected area hydrated. 

Having popsicles also works. Taking frozen yogurt can provide caloric intake.

Warm food or fluids can also relieve throat pain. Fluids can be tea, soup, or warm water. 

Homemade chicken soup has a particular benefit. It contains antiviral properties.

It is beneficial to avoid irritating foods with rough textures and too many spices. Get your needed calories by eating soft, non-irritating foods.

Drink less room temperature fluids when your throat is painful, and make sure to remain well hydrated by ingesting colder or warmer fluids.

Gargling with salt or bicarbonate water reduces throat tissue swelling, removes mucus, and helps wash off viruses. People with hypertension or heart problems should avoid this recipe.

(1/2 teaspoon of table salt in 8 ounces of warm water)

Foods that coat the throat, including honey and hard candies, increase saliva secretions and can facilitate the intake of calories while temporarily relieving throat pain.





Humidifying the environment to avoid excessive dryness can be achieved through humidifiers, which need to be cleaned regularly to avoid spreading harmful mold or bacteria. 

Humidification can also be achieved by running a few minutes in a closed bathroom with a warm shower and repeating that several times a day.

Inhaling water vapor by using vapor generating machines or vapor of boiling water can shorten the period of tissue inflammation in the throat and provide immediate relief to itching.

To prevent further irritation of the throat, avoid exposure to tobacco smoke by eliminating smoking and staying away from secondhand smoke.



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