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      COVID19 — facts

      Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Overview

      Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Overview

      Coronavirus disease is a new chapter added to the world medical problems, what is covid-19? and what should we know about it ? this 7 minutes video will answer all your questions.


      How is covid-19 transmitted ?

      How long is a person with covid-19 contagious before showing symptoms?

      Who is at risk of severe covid-19 illness?

      What organs are affected by covid-19?

      How many cases of covid-19 have we recorded so far?

      what is the number of mortalities by covid-19?

      What is the percentage of mortality with covid-19?

      What is the incubation period of covid-19?

      Can covid-19 be transmitted by asymptomatic people?

      What are the most common signs and symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

      What are the severe alarming signs of coronavirus infection? How to diagnose covid-19?

      what tests are used to detect covid-19?

      What is the serology test for covid-19?

      How is the PCR for covid-19 collected?

      What to do if infected with covid-19?

      what are the options of treatment for coronavirus disease?

      How to prevent catching covid-19? Does the vaccine help avoid covid-19?

      Can I catch covid-19 if i am vaccinated?

      Will covid-19 vaccines end the pandemic?

      What are the limitations of coronavirus vaccines?

      How does covid-19 kills ?

      What is a cytokine storm?

      What are the potential complications of coronavirus disease?

      What is long covid? chronic covid? post covid? What are the signs and symptoms of long covid?

      Can asymptomatic people spread the coronavirus?

      If everyone gets vaccinated will the pandemic end?

      Are you immune to covid-19 after recovering from it?

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