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      social anxiety disorder - Social phobia - Definition, epidemiology, causes, signs and treatment DSM5


      What is a social anxiety disorder / social phobia? How many types of social anxiety disorder are there? (based on DSM-5) What is the prevalence of social anxiety disorder? What are the signs and symptoms of social phobia? What are the causes and risk factors of social anxiety disorder? How to treat social anxiety disorder?  A person with social anxiety disorder can fear a range of circumstances, including:
      fear of looking stupid or ridiculous.
      fear of appearing uninteresting to others.
      Fear of being judged as socially incompetent.

      examples of situations that may trigger a social phobia are
      public speaking.
      Initiating a conversation with a strange person.
      speaking to someone in a position of authority. 

      Recovery from a social anxiety disorder is possible with adequate treatment. Depending on the individual, treatment options may include:

      cognitive behavior therapy.
      anxiety management techniques.
      social skills coaching.
      and finally, medication.


      Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most efficient psychotherapy for patients with social phobia.
      This treatment aims to identify and challenge the flawed cognitions associated with social situations and adjust those thinking patterns.
      CBT helps people learn the use of relaxation techniques.

      another treatment is Exposure therapy, usually an adequate measure to treat social phobia. However, arranging for exposure therapy is not always easy.


      Several classes of medications are used to treat social anxiety disorder, they are used to treat the severe form of the disorder that affects the daily life and limit the productivity of the patient. these medications are also used to treat the complication of social phobia as depression. It is important not to ignore the contra indications and potential side effects of each of these drugs.


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