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Unveil the Next Level of Medical Themed Stickers: Superior Quality, Impressive Size, and Cutting-Edge 3D Graphics!


Are you ready to revolutionize your space with medical-themed stickers that are anything but ordinary? Our exclusive collection of stickers is designed to captivate, educate, and inspire. 

Perfect for medical professionals, students, and enthusiasts, these stickers are more than just decorations—they're a statement of your passion and dedication to what intrigues you.


Key Features:

🌟 Unmatched Quality:

Crafted with premium materials, each sticker is made of three layers:

  • Top Layer: Protects against water and UV, preserving colours for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Middle Layer: Highly absorbent to maintain vivid colours and intricate detailed graphics.
  • Base Layer: The sticker you peel to put against a surface, multi use if you need to change locations of stickers.


📏 Larger Than Life:

Go beyond the standard size! Our stickers are designed to make an impact with their impressive dimensions and high details. 

  1. Standard: 3" / 8 cm
  2. Large: 6" / 15 cm 
  3. X. Large: 10" / 26 cm 

*size represents the largest side of the sticker.
*Size may differ by style and will be stated in the image.
*Contains 1 item per selection.


🔍  Innovative 3D Graphics:

Experience the future of sticker design with our cutting-edge 3D graphics, which are part of Medical Arts educational videos.  

From detailed anatomical diagrams to vibrant medical icons, the three-dimensional effect adds an extra layer of engagement and educational value.


🎨 Versatile and Customizable:

Whether decorating a clinic, personalizing your study space, or adding flair to your medical tools, these stickers offer endless possibilities. Mix and match designs to create a unique visual narrative that reflects your own journey.

  • You love the graphics but you don't want the text? add your comment "unlabeled" in your purchase note


You can contact us for customizable size and graphics info@medicalartsshop.com


🎁 Great Gift Idea:

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a medical professional or student? Our medical-themed stickers are a perfect choice. They combine practicality with aesthetic appeal, making them a unique and appreciated present.


Made and ship from north America within 1 business day.


Transform your environment with stickers that blend art, education, and innovation.


Our catalogue is designed to cater to all your creative and intellectual needs.

We're committed to delivering only the best, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

Be part of a brand that listens. With over 1 Billion views and millions of followers on social media, we're a proven community-driven small business that values your ideas and feedback.

Our products come to you with free global shipping no matter where you are.

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