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Clavicle 3D Model - Collarbone +PDF

Clavicle 3D Model - Collarbone +PDF

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3D Model Clavicle - Collarbone


1. High-resolution: detailing for superior visibility and understanding
2. Anatomically accurate representation
3. Right and Left versions available
4. Real-life size.
5. Made of Odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly corn plastic (PLA)
6. Unique product at an unbeatable value.




Elevate Your Medical Studies and Demonstrations

 clavicle bone collarbone 3d model


it's the perfect resource for:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Medical professionals (orthopedics..)
  • Nurses (ideal for patient education)
  • Healthcare providers (physiotherapist, occupational therapists.
  • Anyone who needs to have a detailed, accurate depiction of the human clavicle.

       clavicle 3d model - collarbone medical art

      This anatomically correct, high-quality 3D model offers unparalleled clarity and precision, providing a stunningly realistic representation of the human clavicle. It's not just a visual aid; it's an interactive learning tool that brings anatomy to life.


      To maximize your understanding of this part of the body, we are including the digital download for free with purchased clavicle 3d model.


      Digital download "Clavicle Anatomy & Fractures":

      • Booklet 15 pages Clavicle fractures, when to opt for surgical treatment. 
      • Clavicle anatomy and illustration pages
      • Clavicle nearby structures.

      clavicle fractures, clavicle anatomy, illustrations

      Use it to enhance your understanding of the clavicle's complex structures or to assist in explaining medical procedures and conditions to patients. It's also an excellent tool for artists seeking a precise reference for their work.

      Disclaimer: Our 3D printed products may exhibit slight size variations and minor imperfections, much like the natural differences found in the human body.



      Quality Assurance

      This Anatomically accurate model is designed by Medical doctors.

      The model is manufactured in Canada.

      Each model is meticulously inspected in house at Medical Arts.


      medical arts 3d models

      Shipping and Delivery

      We ship on the same day or the next business day.

      Average delivery time 2-6 business days (North America).

      International delivery time 6 to 25 business days.

      Ship worldwide from within Canada and USA.


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