🦶 Anatomy of Human Foot Bones Display + PDF included

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🦶 Anatomy of human foot bones display

We've received thousands of positive feedback on our innovative approach to educational videos. Now, we would like to bring a creative vibe to your place.

anatomy of human foot bones

This display of Anatomy of the Foot bones redefines educational artistry by employing 

  • Vibrant 
  • Colour-coded visuals 
  • Devoid of clutter and microscopic text.


🔍 Quick Overview:

Sizes: 8x10 inches / 203x254 mm
          13x19 inches / 330x480 mm
Material: Ultra-premium photo papers
Colour: Vibrant and rich colour detailing
Variations: Matte, Glossy, Laminated, Framed
Educational Value: Comprehensive anatomical labelling
Continuously updated pdf resource
Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction

anatomy of foot bones poster


Skillfully merging aesthetic finesse with educational precision, this piece serves as an illuminating guide and a high-quality art display.

Printed using state-of-the-art technology on ultra premium-grade paper, it is a perfect addition to any

  • Classroom
  • Clinic
  • Teacher's material
  • Personal study spaces

Transforming any place into hubs of anatomical enlightenment.anatomy of foot bones poster


Art & Education in Every Step!


📝 Description


🎨 Vibrant, Informative, Essential!

Step into the world of human anatomy like never before with MedArtistry's Anatomy of the Foot Poster!

This poster is a beautiful piece of art and an informative educational tool, perfect for students, healthcare professionals, and anatomy enthusiasts.

Dynamic PDF Guide Included: Access an ever-updating PDF, constantly enriched with fresh content, ideal for learners at any stage.


🎨 Brilliant Colors that Educate and Captivate

Our vibrant, rich colours are not just eye-catching—they serve a purpose.

Different hues represent various anatomical structures, providing an easy-to-follow map of the foot's complex architecture.

📜 Material and Finish Variations

  • Matte: Offering a smooth texture and reduced glare, perfect for detailed viewing in any lighting condition.

  • Glossy: Printed on ultra-premium photo papers, unframed but ready to frame. 

  • Laminated: For those who love durability and utility, our laminated version is resistant to water and wear, and best for frequent transport and manipulation.

  • Framed: This elegant option is ready to hang or display.

Additional illustrations of the foot are included in a pdf 

🎓 Additional Information 

What sets our poster apart is the depth of information provided. Aside from essential anatomical labelling, we've included exciting foot facts and vital explanations to deepen your understanding further and render the final look more esthetic. 

✅ Quality Assured

Like all MedArtistry™ products, each poster undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure you receive only the best.

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Shipping with Care: At Medical Arts Shop, we understand the essence of maintaining the integrity of your photographs. We ship 8x10" flat, for 13*19" we ensure rolling won't cause alteration to the paper. 

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