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Sore throat is usually the result of an inflammation in the back of the throat.

Based on the affected region, a medical term is given. For example, an inflammation of the pharynx is called pharyngitis.

Inflammation of the larynx where the vocal cords are located is called laryngitis,

and finally, tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils.

An infection is usually the cause of this inflammation. 90% of these cases in adults are caused by a virus, such as an adenovirus, rhinovirus, influenza virus, and coronavirus.

A viral infection can happen any time of the year, unlike bacterial infections that occur more often during winter.

Streptococcus infection is often the cause of bacterial infection. This infection is much more common in kids until the age of 17 years old.

Not all sore throats are the result of an infection.
In some cases, it is caused by acid reflux,
This refers to the condition in which the partially digested food containing digestive juices travels back into the esophagus from the stomach.

Acid reflux is typically associated with the sensation of a lump in the throat, a cough, hoarse voice, and those signs are sometimes preceded by indigestion, heartburn, or hiccups.

Allergy is another cause of irritated throats.

Often it is due to pets or pollens.

Such a condition may manifest additional signs and symptoms, including.

Coughing, itchy face or body.
Frequent swallowing, difficulty speaking,
and a swollen tongue.

And finally, a traumatic lesion of the throat may produce pain.

This lesion can be caused by the voluntary or involuntary swallowing of a fishbone or other sharp food particles.

This condition may be relieved by ingesting two tablespoons of olive oil.

This may help the object slide down and get digested in the stomach.

Persistent or worsening sore throat should not be ignored, as it may signal a complication such as an infection or perforation of the esophagus.

Other factors can cause sore throats, like a tumor of the throat, talking for a prolonged period of time, exposure to pollution, or irritants like smoke. and Alcohol consumption.

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